What is a guide to loneliness?

I’ve been rolling this question around in my head this week. When I say a “guide to loneliness” what am I really insinuating? What will others think I mean?

This ‘guide’ is like…

A diary.

An account.

A journal.

Imagine a thick, messy notebook with stories and photos crammed into it’s binding. See the crinkled bits of added parchment that are jutting out from between it’s pages. Thumb through them and see the peek of colors flashing by with each doodle or pressed flower.

That is my goal for this blog.

I want to set goals, have recurring posts, tell stories, address issues I encounter and finally commit to something.

I want it to inspire anyone else who may be wanting to take a stand for themselves in life and abandon the feelings of inadequacy because you’re asexual or overweight or even just single.

My guide may not be a step-by-step how to avoid loneliness but hopefully if I begin to succeed in my mission then hopefully I can give others ideas. I would love to be the reason someone took a step in the direction of embracing and reclaiming the life the rest of the world made feel lackluster and like it wasnt theirs to begin with!

Here’s to the aces-

Here’s to those who aren’t society’s ideal examples of pretty or handsome-

Here’s to all the lonely people who want to better themselves but can’t even get out of bed-

Here’s to us!


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