Let’s talk goals.

In a previous post I said: “I want to set goals, have recurring posts, tell stories, address issues I encounter and finally commit to something.

I feel setting goals is a perfect way to stay on track for a blog and get in the habit of posting. While you still have the possibility of not reaching said goals, you are also giving yourself something very specific to post about. Progress. And guess what? No progress is still progress and a topic you can discuss in a blog post.

So… what goals do I want to set/reach though?

Let’s rule out the goal of posting consistently. If I succeed, or if I fail, it will be evident to anyone reading these entries.

I want to work on things like…

  • Being healthier
  • Working on my self esteem
  • Tapping into my creativity more
  • Trying new things
  • Exploring my independence

And I’m sure I’ll stumble upon some other goals along the way.
Goals will get their own categorized posts. Specific ways that I will attempt to work toward these goals will be outlined and… hopefully this will be a good thing for me. Fingers crossed!


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