Health on the Shelf

Time to start talking about previously mentioned goals. Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. I wasn’t necessarily in denial but I had a bachelorette party, bachelor party, wedding WEEKEND, my birthday and a couple friend’s birthdays coming up. So, even though I was prescribed medication, I put my health on the shelf to make way for unhealthy festivities.

Here I am 6 months later and I have started to slowly wade into the crisp, crystal clear waters of a healthier me.

I cut back on my drinking starting the beginning of October. I’ve been around it some and fought the urges and I’ve went to bed when others were heading out for a seemingly never ending night of debauchery.

That was my step one. Cut out drinking and save it for big events and holidays where I can justify treating myself to some poor life choices. This isnt a goal I’m setting for my blog though, just a side note to my somewhat healthier life. As well as finally taking the medications I was prescribed. Which… you’re not supposed to drink while taking. I’m beginning to feel this is… maybe a blessing though? It has really made me give a lot more thought into my future and I feel, even with just this blog, it’s causing me to be more proactive. So… for now… I’ll take it. Bring it on diabetes!

My second step, which I started this week, is healthier lunches.

I’m doing baby steps, trying to build habits. Breakfast & dinner are fair game but I am setting my first goal…

Goal #1: 1 month of healthy lunches
So far… Monday was a boneless/skinless chicken breast with broccoli and cheese. Tuesday however consisted of two chicken boobs and an asiago/kale/brussel sprout salad. It was officially the first salad I’ve ever actually are instead of just “tried”.

Did I mention I hate vegetables?

1/4th of this salad thing got choked down and today I have another chicken breast and some italian seasoning to help me take another crack at it.

Wish me luck!

Today – salad!

Tomorrow – the world! 


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