Episode II: Return of The Fat Ace

For the first time in my life I failed at something because I was succeeding.

I set out starting this, seemingly short-lived, blog because of a future I was afraid of.

I identified as Ace.

Most of my close friends were couples.

It seemed if I wanted to be happy I needed to focus on how to do so by myself.

I began my blog and found a new confidence.

Expressing myself creatively and sharing my passion with acquaintances brought about a friendship that skyrocketed in an instant.

Persevering through the treacherous seas of my own self loathing led to new people in my life who might stick around for reasons other than the platonic.

Without ever saying it to myself, I think I considered my blog over… it had served it’s purpose.

Here’s a lesson ‘The Fat Ace’ learned… there are many facades that will come about when on the journey of self-exploration… be aware of these and don’t let them fool you.

Keep going.

There is no end to you.

New friendships? That guy you go on a date with?

People fade from our lives sometimes. Conversations begin to shorten and become lackluster. You let go of you because you’re so focused on others. But they’re not the ones writing your blog.

I wish I would have paid more attention. This project wasn’t a filler until I found someone else to focus on. Now, as a couple unfortunate turns occurred in my adventurous & romantic life (sarcasm), I would like to reintroduce myself. I am The Fat Ace. This blog tries to shy away from the politics of Asexuality and just wants other Aces to be able to relate or maybe withdraw inspiration. 

Consider this Episode II: Return of The Fat Ace

I shall continue blogging my experiences as an Ace albeit one that seems to be one of a kind with few to bond with. I also have a couple side projects that I intend to reboot and really try to take back my confidence. Wish me luck!


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